We want a world without waterborne disease!

Safe water alone is not enough. In addition we teach sanitation and hygiene education with full engagement of local communities. Your donation makes them healthier today and for the rest of their lives!!

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Whole communities learn to improve health

The goal of MedWater is to empower communities to own the critical components of their public health infrastructure. Over the last three years, MedWater has been 99.9% effective in establishing self sufficient public health services in rural communities!

So how does MedWater make such an impact? We teach WASH, the World Health Organization's acronym for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. Basic health requires safe water technology, sanitation solutions and hygiene education. All three are required for keeping water safe and to stop the spread of preventable illness. With local stakeholders MedWater implements the WASH components and simultaneously prepares the community to take ownership of the WASH services, thus, effectively creating public health services that the locals can sustain!

There are many communities desperately in need of safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. They need people like you to help them today. People who have a conscience. People who recognize the savage inequalities around the world and feel a need to do something about them. Here's your opportunity. Your immediate action will have immediate impact.

MedWater empowers Amazonian communities in Ecuador through Fundación MedWater.

In Uganda we collaborate with the Katosi Women Development Trust, training women to repair wells and training KWDT how to help itinerant fishing communities have access to safe water.

Give and make a difference today!