We want a world without waterborne disease!

Safe water alone is not enough. In addition we teach sanitation and hygiene education with full engagement of Amazonian communities. Your donation makes them healthier today and for the rest of their lives!!

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Whole communities learn how to improve health

In our collaborative strategy the community becomes the principal collaborator. MedWater provides technical know how and basic health education. Local government and medical stakeholders assist and provide support.

MedWater has the vision to create truly sustainable WAter, Sanitation and Hygiene improvements. Through thoughtful collaboration, communities will identify what they need and have the facilitation and tools to achieve their goals.

MedWater collaborates with twelve Amazonian communities in Ecuador through Fundación MedWater.

In Uganda we collaborate with the Katosi Women Development Trust, training women to repair wells and training KWDT how to help itinerant fishing communities have access to safe water.